How to Potty Train Your Dog?

Potty training is a mandatory part of training your dog; after all, no one loves the messy situations created when your dog is not trained. While this is certainly not one of those fun things to do, the earlier you get to learn how to potty train your dog, the better it is for you. There is no way to avoid this form of training, but there are things that you could do to make sessions easy, both for you and your canine. Matter of fact, this is not complicated. You need only do it well and be patient enough.

There are many techniques which can be used, but those with the highest success rates will usually have four major pillars to support them/ the four pillars are seclusion of the dogs, training, proper timing as well as recognition of efforts made by the dog through praise. While those four pillars would normally be related to the dog, you would also do with two key elements. You will need tons of patience and perseverance, after all, you are seeking to create a new routine and that will take time as is expected.

At the beginning of the dog potty training sessions, one could use old newspapers to collect the poop. Alternatively, training pads for pups may be used. While these methods give excellent results in the short term, they can lead to confusion when the pup is a little grown and needs outside potty training. To avoid these shortcomings, you could opt to go directly for outside potty training. This technique is not only fast, it is less complicated for the dog as well.

This technique makes use of a dog crate for the purposes of confinement. The principle here is that there is certainly no dog which wants to relieve itself where it sleeps. The crate ought to be big enough to allow the dog to stand comfortably as well as turn around. Avoid using large crates as they could lead the dog to sleep at one end of the crate, and ‘do its business’ on the other end. After sometime, allow the dog to go outside, say after an hour or so. This will provide time to relieve themselves as well as play around. After this, make sure you commend the dog. Allow a few minutes of play before the dog resumes the crate. With time, the dog will learn that relieving is done outside of the crate, hence successful potty training.