Dog Walking

Dear dog owners, if you have already gone through our FAQ pages and you are ready for more information, you’ll find out more on how this works on this page.

Walking your dog properly

How does a dog walking service work?

When you make an appointment and entrust your dog with us, we will go to your residence and pick up your dog on the scheduled date and time. A typical walking session range between 30~ 40 minutes, depending on the amount of exercise you are requesting for. After each walk, owner will be provided with a GPS walking report.
Walking of a few dogs at the same time is possible, do check with us to be sure.


What type of services do you offer?

We do regular dog walking as well as dog jogging/running – for those dog breeds with higher exercise demands.


Do you have any regular walking packages?

If you have tried our dog walking services and would like to make it a regular arrangement, we would be glad to offer you a competitive rates and a peace of mind!


How much does dog walking cost?

We will set aside time to talk to you about your needs and getting to know your dog. Prices will depend on your location, duration of walk, number and type of dogs. Please contact us for an accurate quote.


First appointment

We understand if you have concerns about the security and safety of your lovely fur kids. If you have any doubts or uncertainties, we are able to answer all your questions on the phone. Should you decide to meet up face-to-face in order to make your decision, do give us a call or text message at 9387 8696.
We would like you to feel comfortable and assured of our company and our services.


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