Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of a dog walking service?

Due to many reasons including work and family responsibilities, not every dog owner has the luxury of time to walk their dogs as often as they would like.

There are many dog breeds, and some dogs require more exercise than others on a daily basis. A lack of exercise, walking and playing may result in undesirable behaviors. Walking is instinctive to dogs too. Some dogs need a short walk once a day, some other active breeds need up to two or three vigorous walks to be satisfied.


Does your dog has any of these behaviors?

Dogs that exhibit these behaviors may do so out of a lack of exercise, interaction and outdoor activity, among other things.

  • Chewing, digging or scratching – destroying your items.
  • Investigating  or raiding the dustbins
  • Hyperactivity, over excitability and night-time activity
  • Separation anxiety
  • Unruly behavior – knocking over furniture and jumping on people
  • Excessive predatory and social play
  • Play biting and rough play
  • Barking and whining for attention
  • Dominance issues
 Importance of exercising your dog

It is not difficult to take care of dogs. They are loyal and they love you unconditionally. Physical exercise is a necessary part of a dog’s life. Exercise and play will not only make your dog happy, the other common benefits are:

  • Reduction of destructive and annoying behavioral issues listed above
  • Helps to keep your dogs healthy and strong
  • Can be used to control your dog’s weight
  • Exercise can help to make your dog sleepy, so that they also rest at night like us
  • Increase confidence and trust levels of your dog
  • Helps them to socialise and not be timid or fearful towards other dogs



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