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Traditionally dogs are born to work for a living. And most are bred for a particular purpose, like hunting, herding livestock or providing protection. However modern companion dogs today due to lack of proper types of exercise, is becoming Obese! Lack of proper exercise opportunity also contributes to the development of behaviour problems that modern dogs face, because they rarely work anymore.

Unlike dog walking, dog jogging and running are perfect for young dogs with excess energy, the dog who needs to lose a few kilos, smaller size hyper active dogs and senior dogs who want to run at a slower pace. Breeds of dogs that have high exercise demand such as dogs from the sporting, herding, hound and terrier groups and any mixture of these breeds.

This service with a duration of 30 mins begins with a slow walk, followed by a fast pace walk, thereafter progressing into a jog/run at a steady pace. After each run, owner will be provided with a GPS running report.

Visit here to understand the level of exercise required for your dog:
Note: Exercise is great for energetic young dogs, but sustained jogging or running is not recommended for young dogs (under 18 months) whose bones have not finished growing.
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