Are You Walking Your Dog Enough?

When it comes to dog walking, one question which many dog owners are unsure of their response is whether or not their dog is receiving enough walk. Despite the obvious benefits of dog walking, ascertaining whether a dog has had enough walk or not then remains a mystery to some dog owners.

Although there are no general standards for measuring how well a dog has been walked, if you can follow these simple guidelines, then you can confidently tell that your dog has had enough when it comes to taking a walk.


Do Dogs Need To Be Walked?

Firstly, you may be tempted to wonder and ask whether your dog needs a walk outside the big backyard of your home. Well, the truth is that your dog needs to talk a long walk beyond circling her potty and your apartment.

Obviously, it will interest you to know that taking your dog out for a long walk helps to flex her joint and keep her joint nimble, especially when she is growing old. Similarly, engaging her in daily hours of walk ensures that she stays healthy since this will be an opportunity for her to keep her body system physically active.

Looking beyond her health and physical well being, regularly taking your dog on a walk helps her to be socially active as she will have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and pets around your home. Possibly, you never gave it a thought that taking your dog out for a walk is an indirect way of helping yourself exercise. Sure, it’s a salient truth you probably never thought of.


How Much Walk Does Your Dog Need?

Well, this is another aspect in which there isn’t an answer that will suit every dog out there. However, in determining the amount of walk that is needed and best for your furry friend, you may have to consider her breed, size, health condition as well as her age.

With this, it then follows that you’ll have to consider all these factors about your dog before choosing how many walks she needs. Nevertheless, you can tell that you are walking your dog enough if you can take her out of your home and yard for a walk at least for 20-30 minutes in the morning as well as in the evening. In some cases, if your dog has previously been inactive or has some health challenges, consulting with your veterinarian for a special exercise plan will go a long way to help her.


Useful Tips To Help You Walk Your Dog Enough

  1. Get your dog adequately socialized as pups so that when taking her for a walk on a leash as a grown dog, she’ll be okay with the routine.
  2. If you notice that your dog doesn’t seem to socialize well with other dogs either due to age, pains or aches, don’t keep her out of leash in dog parks.
  3. Better still, the best time to take a reserved dog out for a walk is at night when there are fewer activities with little or no chance of bumping into other dogs.
  4. Train your dog to respond to you both on and off her leash to avoid an embarrassing experience when taking her for a walk.


Telling whether or not you are walking your dog enough isn’t a question that should be difficult for you to answer once you understand certain physical and health conditions about your dog.

However, dog walking is a very beneficial lifestyle both for you and your furry friend. So, make it a habit to ensure that both of you hit the street daily, and you’ll be delighted at how physically healthy both of you will be.